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Microsoft Office User Specialist

We have your Office 2000 training on 13 CD-ROMs or 13 videotapes. The Office Suite includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Outlook. Our course for Microsoft Office 2000 that will elevate your expertise and prepare you for the Microsoft Office User Specialist Exam.

The CD-ROMs include the following exclusive features:

1. While most computer based training courses are one-half or less of your screen, our courses are available in full-screen-resolution and since they are from our original digital masters, they are of the highest quality. What good is a visual presentation if you have trouble identifying what is on your screen?

2. Full motion video and interaction offers you full control of what you see and hear on your screen. If you would like the instructor to repeat what he just said, you simply click on the rewind button and you may listen as often as you like. Each section is also identified with a digital index to help you find your place if you have to pause in the middle of a lesson.

3. A "floating window" will be your guide through the application processes and steps. It acts like the "Office Assistant" but since we programmed it into the course, it already knows what you are doing and will only offer information that is relevant to what you are doing. It is your companion through the interactive simulations.

4. Notepad lets you record detailed and precise notes during the instruction and is readily available at any time during any course. With a click of a button, you may record as many notes as you like and then resume with the visual presentation.

5. Complete control of the video streams, down to each second of time, enables you to directly go to and from any section of the training series. You may replay any single part or all of the information as many times as you think necessary to grasp the concepts.

Price and Ordering

Course List Price Your Price
MOUS Complete Course CD-ROM $395.00 $316.00
MOUS Complete Course Video $395.00 $316.00

Microsoft Word 2000 - Click here for individual course

Microsoft Word lets the user create and manage documents for professional and personal use. Our training series walks you through the various applications beginning with the most basic and finishing with the complex interaction between other programs.

Level I: Our Level One training begins with creation of a document, then covers editing and working with paragraphs. Then it moves into controlling document appearance, text formation, use of the status bar, proofing, printing and saving a document to disk.

Level II: Continuing to advance into the intermediate operations of Word, Level Two teaches how to use headers and footers, page breaks, and the creation and modification of columns. Then moves into outline lists, locating files, templates, graphics and images, saving documents as web pages, hyperlinks and attaching documents to e-mails.

Level III: Level Three teaches how to create paragraphs using text flow options, create multiple versions of documents, create and modify a table of contents and forms, and also how to create, apply, and edit macros. It also covers footnotes and endnotes, toolbars, mail merge, tracking document changes, tables, charts and workgroups.

Price and Ordering

Course List Price Your Price
MOUS Word CD-ROM $98.95 $79.16
MOUS Word Video $98.95 $79.16

Microsoft Excel 2000 - Click here for individual course

Excel is the premiere spreadsheet software program and we are proud to offer our Three Level Training series on Interactive CD-ROMs. Creating and Implementing Spreadsheets is a must have skill for any successful business, and Office 2000 contains more options and benefits than the prior versions. Our training gives you the skills necessary to get the most out of your Excel projects.

Level I: Level One of our Excel training will answer your most fundamental questions beginning with a definition of Excel. Level one then proceeds to cover navigation, creation, modification and printing of workbooks, formatting values and rangers, drawing functions, data sorting and the creation and use of templates.

Level II: Level Two advances into the more in-depth applications of Excel. Our training covers auto and custom formatting, applications of formulas, use of IF functions and importing data and lists from outside sources.

Level III: Level Three covers the most comprehensive topics of the Excel program. It contains information on advanced charts, hyperlinks and macros, filters and sorts, data analysis, conditional formatting and styles, sharing workbooks and workgroups and their functions and pivot tables.

Price and Ordering

Course List Price Your Price
MOUS Excel CD-ROM $98.95 $79.16
MOUS Excel Video $98.95 $79.16

Microsoft PowerPoint 2000 - Click here for individual course

PowerPoint 2000 provides the tools necessary to create and organize information into powerful visual presentations. Our training course begins with an introduction to the program and finishes strong with complex applications.

Level I: Our Level One PowerPoint training opens with an introduction and moves into working with office assistant and the presentation features. It then proceeds with creating and working with new or already existing presentations and importing data and lists.

Level II: The Level Two training continues to build your skills with the Auto Content Wizard, using outlines and templates, working with fonts and tags, slide sequences, drawing and animation, colors and backgrounds, customizing clip art and editing.

Level III: Level Three includes training for charts, graphs, and tables, Style Checker, compatibility with other Office programs, speaker and meeting notes, customizing slide shows with hyperlinks and concludes with online broadcasts and saving presentations.

Price and Ordering

Course List Price Your Price
MOUS Power Point CD-ROM $98.95 $79.16
MOUS Power Point Video $98.95 $79.16

Microsoft Access 2000 - Click here for individual course

Access offers the tools necessary to create and maintain simple and comprehensive databases. Our training series teaches you the applications and highlights the features contained within the program.

Level I: Level One begins with opening a database file and continues to cover the Objects bar, navigation of records in query or table format, and the use of online help. It concludes with switching between object views, displaying records in a datasheet and the sorting and searching of records.

Level II: Level Two covers editing of data records, creation of tables, and how to determine the correct data input and output for a table.

Level III: The final Level teaches you how to create and modify a query, select records with specific objectives, how to create and modify a form and how to build and modify a report.

Price and Ordering

Course List Price Your Price
MOUS Access CD-ROM $98.95 $79.16
MOUS Access Video $98.95 $79.16

Microsoft Outlook 2000 - Click here for individual course

Microsoft Outlook offers organization for e-mail, schedules and tasks. Our training series teaches you each application and how to maximize your efficiency through the use of Outlook.

Our course begins with an overview of Outlook and explains the use of e-mail and messages. It then goes into personal lists, organizing appointments and events, assigning of categories and managing contacts. It concludes with the creating, editing and deleting of notes and managing your tasks.

Price and Ordering

Course List Price Your Price
MOUS Outlook CD-ROM $39.95 $31.96
MOUS Outlook Video $39.95 $31.96


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