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Training to Become a Paralegal: A Career in Law

Do you want a career change? Why not think about enrolling in online classes to become a paralegal. The training can take anywhere from six to twelve months. You can earn 27 college credits and receive paralegal certification at the end. You can even get help with job placement.

The legal classes can be taken in any order, as there are no prerequisites for any of them. You can take one at a time, or overlap and take a couple at a time. The classes will start with Introduction to the Law. It gives a legal background before starting the courses and helps learn how the law and the American Justice system work. All areas of law are given a broad outline so when you're ready to take the individual classes you will have a little knowledge of what you are getting into. It also explains the role of the paralegal in the practice of law.

One of the most interesting courses you will need to take to become a paralegal is the course on Torts and Personal Injury. The course deals with civil wrongs, product liability, defamation of character, and various factors that affect the right of a plaintiff to sue a person or a company. Contract law discusses different ways contracts can be entered, oral contracts, enforcement, and damages for breach of contract.

Criminal law is what I think would be the most interesting and challenging of all the courses. This course teaches the basic ideas of the law and crimes against people or property. Criminal procedure and constitutional rights will also be included in this part of your paralegal training.

There are many other areas of law that you will need to train for to become a paralegal. The following is a list of some of these areas.

Real Estate
Business Law and Bankruptcy
Wills, Trusts and Estates
Legal Research, Writing and Civil Litigation
Constitutional Law and Criminal Procedure
Professional Responsibility and Legal Ethics
Domestic Relations and Laws of Immigration

If you feel ready for a change of career and you would like to work in law, then training to be a paralegal might be the opportunity you've been looking for. Paralegal are needed in law offices and is a well-paid career.

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