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Knowledge Management
Video Training Series

Knowledge Management - Video Training Series

What is knowledge management, What it does, What it can do. Knowledge management represents the next stage of evolution for the information technology industry. The information technology industry has matured to the point at which automation efforts now recognize that both people and technology aspects must be considered for successful automation efforts.

Knowledge management is an approach that uses technology to enable management of knowledge and knowledge processes. To some extent, Knowledge Management is what we have always been done before. Organizations must improve their infrastructure to cope with a complexity of challenges, and Knowledge Management addresses organizational know-how and know-why. A shift has occurred, however, and leading-edge organizations now assume the burden of providing the tools and methods for both personal and organizational development.

Topics Covered Include:

Characteristics of Successful Organizations
What is Knowledge?

Why tell Stories?
What is Management?
What is Knowledge Work?
Two type of Business Problems
What is Knowledge Management?

Two Views Promulgated in the Literature
The Fifth Discipline
The Need for Knowledge Management
Return on Investment
Chief Learning Officer/Knowledge Officer

Knowledge Management Methods
Knowledge Management Technologies
What is Data?
Where is Data Stored?
Data Warehouse
Data Warehouse Terms
Data Mart
Data Mining
Knowledge Discovery in Database
Benefits from Business Intelligence
Enterprise Information Portal
Content Management Technology
Image Management
Document Management
Records management
How do People Learn?

Knowledge Management Audit
Technology Considerations
Complex Adaptive Systems
Behavior and Marketing Knowledge Management within your Organization
Generation X
Records Management
How do we Need to Approach Knowledge Management?
Assess Context

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