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i-Net+ Certification

CompTIA - Computing Technology Industry Association's i-Net+ Certification was designed for individuals interested in demonstrating the baseline of technical knowledge that would allow them to pursue a variety of Internet related careers. It qualifies the entry-level Internet and e-commerce technical professionals responsible for participating in the maintenance of Internet/Intranet infrastructure and services as well as development of web related applications.

Course Objective

Candidates who pass the exam and achieve certification are eligible to pursue careers as Internet Security Specialists, Internet Site Designers, Internet Application Developers, Internet Systems Administrators, Internet Network Specialists, Internet E-Commerce Specialists and Internet Database Specialists.

i-Net+ certification prepares an individual for a wide variety of technical roles:

Internet Systems Administrators - Manage and tune corporate Internet and Intranet infrastructure (DNS, FTP and Web server). Manage machines running Internet services down to the operating system level.

Internet Security Specialists - Define, develop and manage corporate security policies; audit security mechanisms such as firewall systems and attack recognition products and technologies; manage the deployment of security solutions.

Internet Application Developers - Develop client side and server side Internet applications.

Internet Database Specialists - Develop and implement solutions for integrating the back-end database systems with Internet applications for real-time access to customer and corporate information.

Internet E-Commerce Specialists - Develop transaction-based systems including commerce, inventory and workflow-related systems.

Internet Network Specialists - Manage and tune hardware, connectivity, network protocols, routing and switching.

Internet Site Designers - Design Internet site structure and user interface.

Exam Objectives

Internet Basics 10%
Internet Clients 20%
Development 20%
Networking 25%
Internet Security 15%
Business Concepts 10%

The training course consists of 5 video tapes or 8 CD-ROMs. This is a comprehensive and affordable program that provided the training needed to master the certification exam.

Price and Ordering

Course List Price Your Price
CompTIA i-Net+ Certification CD-ROM $495.00 $396.00
CompTIA i-Net+ Certification Video $495.00 $396.00
CompTIA i-Net+ Student Kit $217.00 $173.60

CompTIA i-Net+ Training and Preparation Guide

$99.00 $79.20

CompTIA i-Net+ Instructor Kit

$99.00 $79.20


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