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Certified Document Imaging Architect

CompTIA's CDIA - Certified Document Imaging Architect - certification is a nationally recognized credential acknowledging competency and professionalism in the document imaging industry. CDIA candidates must possess critical knowledge of all major areas and technologies used to plan, design and specify an imaging system.

The CDIA credential is a consistent, objective way to evaluate imaging industry professinals. Corporate customers look for CDIA credential when choosing image solution providers. Employers actively recruit CDIA certified imaging professinals. Increasingly, companies involved in providing or purchasing document imaging solutions adopt CDIA as part of their business plan.

CDIA group Registry

Earning your CDIA credential also earns you the added benefit of being listed on CompTIA's group Registry. If you desire, your name name and/or company name can be listed in the group Registry on CimpTIA's website. Companies needing the services of an imaging professional utilize this resource, thereby increasing your earning potential.

Course Content

Our self-study course gives you the best program on the market. Whether learning at your own pace or enhancing an instructor led class, our programs provide you with thorough training while preparing you for the exam. Our courses include video training, study guides and computer based training. By utilizing all the three types, the retention level and success ratios are much higher than using only one format.

The course also includes an exam simulator that will help you practice for the actual exam. We include hundreds of questions that are delivered in a timed, random format with direct reference-back to the training material.

Test Objectives

The certification examination is divided into content areas corresponding to Imaging Architects' areas of responsibility. The technologies and areas emphasized in the test include:

Content Area 1: Input
Content Area 2: Storage
Content Area 3: Communication
Content Area 4: Display
Content Area 5: Output
Content Area 6: Management
Content Area 7: Analysis
Content Area 8: Integration
Content Area 9: Source-Document Handling
Content Area 10: Standard Computing Environment

Price and Ordering

Course List Price Your Price
CompTIA CDIA Certification CD-ROM $649.00 $519.20
CompTIA CDIA Certification Video $649.00 $519.20
CompTIA CDIA Student Kit $217.00 $173.60
CompTIA CDIA Training and Preparation Guide $99.00 $79.20


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